Trust, Probate And Estate Litigation Attorneys

What if assets and/or family structure changed after the initial Trust or Estate documents were drafted? What if there are suspicions that a Trust or other assets are not being appropriately managed by a Trustee, Executor, Administrator, or Personal Representative?

These are just some examples of how even the most competently and carefully drafted Trusts and Estate planning documents can end up the subject of a legal dispute. Whether you are tasked with handling Estate closure and an individual's final affairs, are responsible for ongoing Trust management, or are a beneficiary who needs to have your inheritance protected, we, at the Glendale, California, Law Office of Vikram Brar, can help.

An Experienced Team To Settle Or Litigate California Trusts And Estates Disputes

Our team of experienced professionals has developed a reputation for excellence in Estate, Probate, and Trust litigation. Our lawyers serve clients throughout Los Angeles County and surrounding areas of Southern California, aggressively upholding clients' rights and protecting them from personal liabilities in cases of:

Individual family dynamics, differing types of assets, local judiciaries and courtroom procedures, all contribute to the complexity of litigation. No two cases are the same. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience tackling complex legal disputes in a wide range of situations, always customizing our representation to meet the individual clients' needs.

We are prepared and willing to aggressively protect our clients in the courtroom, but know that settlements can be favorable, cost-effective alternatives in many cases. When you contact our office, we will be forthcoming about our recommendations and provide you with the most honest, level-headed projections of how your case can be most effectively resolved.

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